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  Mission Statement  

New Milford Public Schools

The mission of the New Milford Public Schools, a collaborative partnership of students, educators, family and community, is to prepare each and every student to compete and excel in an ever-changing world, embrace challenges with vigor, respect and appreciate the worth of every human being, and contribute to society by providing effective instruction and dynamic curriculum, offering a wide range of valuable experiences, and inspiring students to pursue their dreams and aspirations.




Work       Achieve     Value         Empower

  Work to become lifelong learners & peer collaborators who meet challenging goals by applying 21st century skills.

 Achieve through hard work, honest reflection, & self-advocacy using critical thinking & problem solving.

 Value civic responsibility & the diversity within our community & global society.

 Empower students & teachers to become curious, creative, innovative, & insightful.



































  About The School