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Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.


 Do I need an appointment to come for extra help?

Absolutely not!!!  Unless I have a meeting, if I am in the building, I am
available for extra help.  The first Thursday of every month and Tuesdays are meeting days.


Do I need to bring my book to class everyday?

YES!!  If you do not have your book, you are not properly prepared for
class.  Please bring your book to class EVERYDAY!!!


Will we have homework every night?

Yes, although sometimes you will be able to finish it in class.  Homework is
practicing things that we learned in class.  Think of math as a sport... the
more you practice, the better you will become!  I will never give you
homework just to keep you busy - the point of homework is NOT punishment.


I was in school today, but was not in math class.  Am I responsible for work?

Yes.  You are responsible for all work that was missed.  Homework is due the
next day, and you are responsible for any material that you may have missed.


Oops, I forgot my homework.  Is that really a 30 minute detention?

Yes.  The Math Department of NMHS regards homewrok as an essential element
for student success.  Therefore, hoemwork will be assigned, checked (or
collected), and reviewed daily.  Any student who does not have homework done,
or whose homework is incomplete at the time class begins, and was in school
the previous class day where he/she could have obtained that assignemtn, will
have an automatic 30 minute after school detention the FOLLOWING DAY.  "I
cannot make it" is not acceptable.  If you choose not to be prepared for
class, you are choosing to serve a detention the FOLLOWING DAY.