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Welcome to Freshman Health.


Introduction/First Aid/CPR Unit

This unit is presented over a 3 to 4-week period and will provide

students with Red Cross certification in Adult CPR. 



Point Value

Due Date

Notebook/Folder or Binder

10 points


Me Poem or Autobiography

14 points


Good Samaritan Questions

Teacher assigned


Disease Prevention Web

12 +Bonus


Check/Call/Care Web

25 points


Conscious/Unconscious Ques.

25 points


Check/Call/Care Quiz

30 points


Skill Sheet

Teacher assigned


Bellringer quizzes

Teacher assigned


Heart Packet

25 points


Heart Attack/CPR questions

23 points


Heart/Breathing Crossword

Teacher assigned


Breathing Emergencies ques.

27 points


Skills: 4 skills checkouts

10 points


Certification Test

53 points