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Andrea  Norem
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English I 

Welcome to English I !  

 Notebooks must be sectioned off into 4 sections:

1. DOLs- Daily Oral Language ( Grammar)

2. Vocabulary

3.Classwork/Notes on reading assignments

4. Homework 



  CAPT Questions- 

These are the types of questions that will be used for homework for CAPT practice.  Each must be a page long, using evidence from the story to support your answer.                           

       Response to Literature- these are used  for fiction.

 Recently, the questions have been as follows:

1.Initial Understanding. What are your thoughts and questions about the story? You might reflect upon characters, their problems, the title, or other ideas in the story.


Choose a quotation from the story . Explain what you think the quotation means as it relates to elements of the story such as characters or theme. Use this as evidence to prove  how  the main character changes from the beginning of the story to the end. What do you think causes the change?


What does this story say about people in general? In what ways does it remind you of people you have known or experiences you have had? You may also write about stories you have read or movies, works of art, or television shows you have seen. Use examples from the stories to explain your thinking.

4.Critical Stance. How successful was the author in creating a good piece of literature? Use examples from the story to explain your thinking.