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American Studies English 

AmStud                 My Own Private Walden                                Name:


Your Philosophy (50 points)

Respond to these prompts in writing (two pages typed MLA).  Keep this separate from your brochure. 

  • Explain the philosophy behind your Walden.  What is your experiment or project?  What will you live for?  Remember—you are doing more than “nature”.
  • Why do you need to go there?  How does your Walden cure what ails you? 
  • How do you make your Walden a reality?  Explain.


The Brochure (50 Points)

Create a brochure to inform the public about your Walden.  Follow the guidelines below.

  • Give your Walden a name.  My Walden gets old quick.  Already, I have mentioned “My Walden” or “Walden” nine times. 
  • Include a visual of … you guessed it … Your Walden.  Do you think a Clip-Art or random photo from the Internet will accurately capture the essence of your Walden?
  • Explain a day in the life on your Walden.  If I were to visit your Walden, what would I be expected to do?  How would this benefit me? 
  • ???????? (Your choice.)
  • Choose one facet of Thoreau’s philosophy.  Use this as the guiding/unifying principle of your brochure. 




The Sales Pitch

The Walden Fair will beThursday January 17, 2013.  You must prepare a 30 second sales pitch to persuade curious onlookers.  Remember to include your brochure and print ad and anything else you might need… 


Thoreau’s Philosophy (50 Points)

Explain Thoreau’s philosophy in exactly one hundred nineteen words. Yes, the title counts, and no, the MLA heading does not.  You will be graded on your word choice, insight, and sentence structure.  Enjoy.  Please type!  Due Thursday January 17, 2013

  • Insight: Your ideas are thoughtful and stimulating and reasonable.
  • Conciseness: You express ideas simply and clearly without wasted words or unnecessary repetition.
  • Sentence Structure: Your sentences are strong, graceful, and suitably varied in length and structure.


Including the heading, this page contains one hundred twenty-seven words.


Hint: avoid clichés—live life to the fullest, don’t take life for granted (or granite), etc.

 Homework due Friday January 11: Read "The Pond in Winter".