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Brad  Jones
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Links to My Engineering Sites 

Here are links for my two courses:


Intro course ("IED")

Senior Capstone course ("EDD) -


Twitter account:

There will be tweets on Science, Engineering an school related topics - only, nothing personal - so follow!  

 PLTW overview:

 Autodesk At Home for Engineering Students:  It is highly advisable that you download the Autodesk 3-D modeling software.  The student version is free and is almost identical to the commercial version that professional engineers use.  Beyond this class, it is a handy skill to have.  We do a lot with the software, but we cannot cover all of Autodesk Inventor in our course and there is a lot to the program.  


EDD Students may want to add additional engineering software to their computers, depending on the nature of their projects.


Students can also become Autodesk Certified User Those who are relatively new to Autodesk software and want to demonstrate basic proficiency can seek to become Certified Users. Certification at this level helps demonstrate a commitment to academic success or career development. Find out more from Certiport, the exclusive provider for the Autodesk Certified User program.

Why Free?  My understanding is that the software company is looking to build market share.  By providing students with a free copy, they are basically hoping that you will be pleased with the product and want to use it (and pay a lot for it) when you use it professionally.  Either way, have fun with it, try to tutorials and if you have a bad day at the classroom, you may be able to improve your work at home.  Try some of the Autodesk tutorials as well, there is usually more than one way to do a task.

Note, I included the steps as well in case the links do not work.

Free trial page for students and educators: 
Note: you will need to create an ID with Autodesk

This download is not essential for class, but it is a very nice program to have for your own use, if you get behind in class, or if you want to become a certified user.

Note: Autodesk Inventor is a HUGE Program and may not run on all machines and systems due to its data size and usage.  In general, we will try to do all Autodesk work in class and you should not have to use at home, but many will enjoy using the program and will be able to enhance their experience in Introduction to Engineering Design by having this program on their own computers.