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Juniors and Seniors - be aware of registration deadlines for SATs and ACTs!!

Parents, please remember to call if your child is absent from school - unapproved absences will result in 0's for work!

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I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable summer! 
Now that you have found this website, you may want
to bookmark it and check back often. The website is
updated regularly with homework assignments, test and
quiz announcements, and other important information.
You can find all of this information posted under
your appropriate class page or this announcements
page. Whenever possible, test review materials and
other useful handouts will be available. 
Homework is ESSENTIAL in a math class. Just as athletes practice
their sport everyday, math students must practice skills learned in
class everyday. If you do not have your homework COMPLETED
when class begins, you will be assigned a 30 minute detention for
the following day (unless the following day is Tuesday, then the
detention will be Wednesday). There are NO exceptions to this rule.
If you cannot get a ride, have to work, or simply cannot stay, then
you must remember that if your homework was done, staying after
would not be an issue. If you miss your 30 minute detention, I will
call your parents and schedule a detention for a day that you can
come in. If you do not show up for your detention on that day, you
will be assigned a 2 hr detention. If the two hour detention is missed,
your administrator will assign you an ISS.
Bottom line: DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!