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Ethan  Saldana
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Welcome to Saldana Science


The files in my file manager are my monthly newsletters.  Each will showcase a specific skill students will be using often in class.  Also, it will incorporate a Big Idea (theme) for the month.  These are skills that we will focus on throughout the month, and year. It is suggested to talk to your child about these skills, such as: How have you used the skill?  Have you used the skill outside of science class?  How can you use the skill in life?  In the news letter, there will be links to help the students and parents better understand the two concepts for each month.  Note: we do not stop using these skills at the end of the month, they are just focused on that month and they will be utilized throughout the year.

  • September- Cornell Notes skill
  • October- Flow Maps and Cause/Effect skills
  • November- 
  • December- 
  • January- 
  • February-
  • March- 
  • April-
  • May-