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                                       I am looking forward to meeting you (If I haven't already!)

Please allow your child to bring his/her device on the first day of school IF he/she has one and EVERY day for math. Although we won't be using them every day, I do allow them to use a device often BUT they should NOT have them out without permission!. 

Students should  write down all homework assignments in their planners. 

  Calculators are NOT ALWAYS allowed on homework; ALL WORK must be shown for full credit; if calculators are allowed, setup/formula MUST BE SHOWN.

 How do you study for math? Redo ALL the homework problems you highlighted during homework review for that week! All students are supposed to highlight each question they got wrong, so they can go back and redo them for their test/quiz review.

Bomb a test/quiz? As long as you have done your hw regularly, come see me to take another version after correcting the previous assessment. This must be done within 1 week of getting back the original assessment and must be done on your own time, NOT during class!