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  • How do I register a student or request a transcript?
    Call the School Counseling secretary at 860-350-6647 extension 1102 for information on how to register or request a transcript.
  • Where can a student obtain working papers?
    Working papers can be obtained from the School Counseling secretary at 860-350-6647 extension 1102. Students should bring a copy of their birth certificate and the promise of employment when applying.
  • What should I do when visiting the school?
    Visitors will be directed by a security guard to park in one of the visitor spaces at the front of the building. All visitors should then report to the security guard in the front lobby to sign in, pick up a visitor badge, and be directed to the appropriate office.
  • What do I do when picking up or dropping off a student?
    Parent drop off and pick up takes place in the front of the building and requires no special arrangement before or after school hours. Students leaving during the school day must be signed out through Attendance.
  • Where can I find out about activities and events happening at NMHS?
    This website is a great resource to keep you updated. You can also sign up to receive e-mails from us by contacting Newsletters are e-mailed home periodically by the principal, the counseling department, and/or the high school PTO. Local cable channel 17 posts school events. Another great source of info is your student(s), don't forget to ask them!
  • How does a student get involved in athletics?
    Information is announced before each season, notifying students of meetings and tryouts. This info is also posted on the Athletics page. The athletic director may be reached at 860-350-6647 extension 1411. Any student interested in participating in a sport must have a physical dated after July 1st. In addition, a permission form requiring a parent signature must be completed prior to athletic participation for each season.
  • How are changes in the athletic schedule announced?
    Athletic schedule changes are posted immediately on the CIAC website at and on our Athletic Schedule page.
  • How does a student arrange to park at school?
    Eligible juniors and seniors may bring a parking permit application and fee to room 2213 here at the high school to be assigned a parking space. All students must display a parking tag in their vehicle at all times.
  • Why do students pay class dues and how are they used?
    Dues can be viewed as a layaway plan to offset costs involved in the senior year. Some of these costs include payments for the yearbook, class trip and senior banquet. The amount charged for class dues is decided by the class advisors, in discussion with the Executive Club of the individual class.
  • How does a student order an NMHS yearbook?
    The yearbook publisher sends order forms to each student's home by mail in the late fall/early winter. Orders may be placed then or you can buy a yearbook at the end of the year as long as supplies last, BUT supplies usually run out. It is best to place an advance order to be assured of a copy.
  • How are lockers assigned?
    Incoming freshmen are given their locker assignment during home room on the first day of school. An $8 deposit is required, and is returned as a outgoing senior, provided the locker remains in good condition. PE lockers are assigned annually, and also require an $8 refundable deposit.
  • How is the NMHS Cafeteria set up?
    The cafeteria is set up in a food court arrangement. There are six separate serving stations. A traditional hot lunch is available each day, as well as pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, yogurt, etc. Payment may be made daily in cash or an account set up.
  • What do I do if a student must be absent from school?
    When a student is absent from school, parents should call the automated attendance line at 860-350-6647 extension 1167 that day to report the absence. This is very important as the student is given a limited number of days to make up work following an approved absence or tardy. If a phone call on the day of the absence is not possible, please send a note in promptly.
  • How does a student get involved in extra curricular activities?
    NMHS has an activity period built in to the schedule twice a month where students meet in clubs and activities. Sign up takes place at the beginning of the year. Many activities meet after school as well. These meetings are announced as they are scheduled and entered on the Event Calendar.
  • When are school photos taken?
    School photos are taken at the beginning of the school year in mid-September. All students must have a photo taken, whether or not they wish to buy a package, as these photos are used for student IDs and the yearbook.
  • Does NMHS have a School Store?
    The NMHS School Store is staffed by our Marketing class students and is open during school hours. Students may purchase small snacks and school themed merchandise. Parents wishing to make a purchase should contact marketing teacher, Mrs. Deb Knipple, at extension 2153. The Athletic department also has school themed merchandise for sale. Call the Athletic Director at extension 1411 for information.
  • How do parent conferences work?
    Parent conference days are scheduled over several days in early December and for one day in April using a link on this website. Any parent may request a conference at any time by phoning or e-mailing the teacher to set up a mutually convenient time to meet.
  • What are NMHS' Graduation Requirements?
    All students must earn 22.5 credits and demonstrate basic skills in three areas: Reading and Writing, Quantitative Thinking, and Information Literacy. Full details can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook as well as in the Program of Studies book.
  • Where does the nickname "Green Wave" come from?
    The school's nickname "Home of the Green Wave" takes its name from the rolling green hills of Litchfield County.