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Faculty Telephone Extension
Ms. Christine Benson  1105
Mrs. Denise Duggan 1163
Mr. Mason Flynn 1104
Mrs. Elizabeth Schlicher  1305

Students pictured below are part of the EMT-B class. They are practicing a drill with the assistance of a member of New Milford Ambulance and a student teacher volunteer "victim". The drills simulate medical and trauma situations that give students the opportunity for hands-on experience at giving first aid care to victims in the field. The situations ready students for the 10 hours of ride time they complete with the ambulance and prepare them for their state exam.


Freshman health classes are in the midst of becoming certified in Adult CPR.  They are excited about the experience and many parents talk of their students coming home to show their new-found skills.  The unit will culminate with a visit from the New Milford Ambulance Service so that students can see how their skills can be put to use in the community.